Yellow Jacket Program

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jacket season is coming up! As one of our Monthly or Quarterly customers, we are offering a special one-time cost of $196 for the full 6-month program! If you’re not on a maintenance, you will pay the initial cost, plus $30 a month for the next 6 months to refill the bait stations and monitor them.

• This is an exciting offer that eliminates yellow jackets without spraying and does not contaminate plants and flowers favored by honeybees.

• These bait stations are designed to attract yellow jackets with the color and the bait used. Honeybees are not attracted to these stations.

April is the perfect time to start this program because the Queen yellow jackets that have overwintered are emerging as the weather warms. While they are looking for places to start a colony, we can stop an entire colony from starting!

This program has proven to be effective on the many homes treated in the past. We have not had to eliminate yellow jacket nests on any of the properties that we provided this service.

What is included:

• Setup of yellow jacket stations.

• Refilling of the bait stations monthly. The rest of the spring and summer we will keep these stations filled with bait so that we can continue to protect your yard and home.

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Yellow Jacket