The Complete Service Program

Complete Exterminating offers programs which covers all major pests that we have here in the Pacific Northwest. Pests include, but are not limited to, rodents, ants, flies, fleas, wasps/hornets, spiders etc. These programs are an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program designed to provide affordable pest management services that focus on non-chemical solutions as well as targeted chemical applications. Non-chemical solutions are long term solutions that address not only current pest problems but prevent recurrence or new problems from becoming established. When products are used, Complete Exterminating chooses low risk products and formulations that help to reduce pest activity quickly with the least impact on people, their animals, and the environment.

Complete Service Programs:

  • Quarterly Service – Guaranteed 4 treatments a year for general pests.
  • Monthly Service – This is a once a month service great for commercial properties and some residential properties that have heavier pest control issues.

These programs also include service calls between regular services at no additional cost. *Should it be discovered during the first six (6) months of this program that additional work must be done, additional charges may apply* All other treatments are performed only when activity is visibly present. Rodent stations will be serviced regularly, and you have the choice of designating that non-toxic monitoring blocks be used when no activity is evident.

Unlike other programs, our focus for each service moves to the areas most important for the time of year. The only regularly scheduled treatments are the dripline and the perimeter. This is done as a preventative treatment to treat pests that are present but not visible.

We also offer:

  • One-time treatments
  • One-time treatments with a follow-up