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Pest Control Maintenance Programs

Our Maintenance Programs are offered monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly. Each Maintenance is structured towards your property, or dwellings. Also these Maintenance programs are paid for at the time of service, or billed.

You must wait for a short period of time after initial treatment before we can re-apply another treatment; this is to let the initial treatment have time do its job. There will be a trip charge if in-between services are requested by the owner.

Crawl Space Restorations

More often than not you will find some problem in the crawl space. Some of the problems you will find are plumbing leaks, Standing water, Carpenter Ants, Termites, Structural Pests, Rodents, Raccoons, and many other types of rodents or insects that can damage your insulation and Vapor Barrier. Your Insulation and Vapor Barrier can be contaminated and/or damaged causing health problems. If your Ducting from your Heating and Air conditioner (HVAC) is old and brittle or not sealed properly the infected air can make its way through and cause health issues. It might be necessary to remove the Vapor Barrier and Insulation, Decontaminate the Crawl Space, treat insects or rodents that caused the problem, and reinstall new Vapor Barrier and Insulation and sometimes with a better R Factor giving you more heating efficiency to help with your heating and Air costs. Before any claims can be made we will take pictures while we are there to show what exists and what does not. Remember, it all begins with an Inspection.

Stored Products and the Pests That Infest

Indian Meal Moth and its larvae. This is a dry food pest that will infest most of our kitchen and pantry areas where we store our foods.

Stored products pests pose a nuisance to humans in various ways. They damage clothing and furniture and contaminate food. Stored product pests can easily penetrate packaging and can be found in kitchen cabinets. Typically, they feed on grains, dried fruits, spices, books, furniture, clothing, among other items in the home.

Not Happy With Your Current Pest Control Company?

If you are with a company that you are not happy with. We invite you to come on board at no initial charge, or fee, we want you to be happy, there after you will pay as you go, as your maintenance is performed.