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Sleeping Area

Sleeping Area: Common problems found.
Problem: Spouse is getting hives every time they sleep on their mattress is there anything we can do?
First we need to identify the pest. If it turns out to be bed bugs that’s a pest we can inspect the home, inspect the bed and see how bad the infestation is. If it turns out to be identified as bed bugs we need to treat the entire house. For cost reasons some people want localized treatment As for the beds we recommend them to be covered, you can go buy mattress covers

Do I need to be out of my house for this treatment?
No you can be there for this treatment. If the smell is bothering you we can open windows and point a fan out, but you do not need to vacate for this treatment.

Other factors to consider?
We recommend a one week follow up to treat the baseboards the bed bugs will move and scatter, even going into the wall. Bed bugs can live up to a year without our blood.