On this page is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about pest control services. If you have any other questions give us a call!

Q. What are all your service areas?
A. We service the Vancouver, Washington and Clark County area as well as Portland, Oregon and nearby cities such as Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Gladstone, Oregon City and Clackamas area.

Q. How long does it take to see results after treatment?
A. This can vary depending on the level of infestation and type of pest. In most cases you should see results within 3-7 days. We warranty the treatment for 30 days and If activity persists we will return to retreat at no additional cost. Products today are made to be slower acting which allows better control in the long term. In some cases such as odorous house ants if there is a quick die off in the colony, they will split off to survive which makes the one colony turn into many. In most cases you should see a reduction in activity within 3-7 days.

Q. Why should I hire a professional?
A. We are educated and trained in pest control and management.  We provide treatment that will eliminate your pest problems in a safe and efficient manner.
A. When you hire a Pest Control Professional, you are hiring them for their knowledge and their ability to take care of your home. We all have access to the same products so it is knowing what to use and where we use it. It is also extremely important that the pest is properly identified which can’t be done over the phone.

Q. What should I look for in a pest company?
A. We believe in supporting our community which means hiring Companies that are local and not Companies that are owned from outside the United States, or from the East coast. You also want a company that has the highest integrity which means they will do what they say. Not all pest control companies are the same, they are only as good as the people that are a part of. Check that not only the company is licensed and insured, but that the individuals are licensed as well and they have a good reputation, and can provide a guarantee.

Q. Do I need to have an inspection to receive a quote?
A. We can give you an idea of a cost based on the size of your home and the pest. Please keep in mind that there may be circumstances once an inspection is done on site that might change this cost. The law states that any person selling pest control must be licensed by the Department of Agriculture in that state. We do not believe in a “cookie cutter” approach to service, which means doing an inspection to identify the pest and any conditions that are conducive to that pest. Also, there are some cases that we find a treatment is not necessary which cannot be done over the phone.

Q. Are the products safe?
A. Most products that we use if not all of them have a lower LD50 than table salt. Regardless of what the product what is important for “safety” is where and how these materials are used to limit exposure. At Complete we believe it is our responsibility to keep your family and Pets safe.

Q. What are health risks associated with common pests?
A. Other Pest company’s websites will tell you about these health risks. We do not want to scare someone into calling us, we want your business because you are well informed. To find out more about pest-related diseases visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Q. What can I do inside my house to keep pests away?
A. While there is no 100% way to keep something as small as an Odorous House Ant or Fruit Fly out of your home. Some conducive conditions that can be looked at are to Keep all kitchen areas clean, check pipes for leaks and cracks, keep small areas dry and ventilated, and check packages and groceries brought inside the home, Check that trees and shrubs are not touching the siding or roof, window screens are in good repair, no gaps around pipe chases.

Q. I keep getting spiders in my house. How can I prevent future spider infestations?
A. Most of the time spiders are coming from tall trees or high areas and bushes etc. They can also come from neighboring properties. The best defense is to keep plants and trees from touching the roof and/or siding of the house. This will also keep ants and other insects from getting into the house. In addition to this we recommend the crawl space to be treated.
A. Spiders are beneficial in the environment and are only considered a pest when they end up inside. The best way to keep them out of the home is to take away any clutter close to the home including trees and shrubs against the siding. As part of our services we sweep down webbing on the home which makes them find another place to live. We also have a product which is natural and does not allow spiders to attach their webs to your home.

Q. I have a mouse running around in my house! What should I do?
A. Usually, where there is one mouse there are many. The mice are coming from outside into the crawl space. Because of this we will want to bait the mice right away to eliminate the problem. Unfortunately, homes are not built to keep mice out
A. A mouse can fit thru an opening the size of a dime because of this it can be difficult to completely seal them out. Once we get any mice inside the house eliminated and as many entry points as possible. This includes the crawlspace and in some cases your attic. Our services include Tamper Resistant Rodent stations placed around your foundation to eliminate future infestations.

Q. We have rats and we know they are in other houses around the neighborhood. What do we do?
A. The same actions apply to Rats as mice, the difference being that a rat needs an opening the size of a quarter, so it is much easier for us to find openings and seal them up. A common entry into the structure is crawlspace vents that are damaged or missing, another place is garage door seals that are damaged.

Q. We have seen what looks to be carpenter ants around our property. If we see carpenter ants outside our house should we be worried?
A. Yes! Carpenter ants will be looking for a place to harbor and set up Satellite colonies inside the wall voids of your home. We recommend that you at least get the outside of your home treated. We do this by treating the foundation of the property to prevent and/or control the carpenter ants. If you know that you have an existing infestation it may take more than one treatment or a possible void treatment.