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Bird Control

The Starling bird is not native to our country it is European. The Starling causes thousands of dollars to properties by nesting in the many vents around our homes and eave lines.

Commercial buildings, multi-unit, and single unit homes all can fall prey to a bird infestation. Birds can pose a health risk or even risk to damage to structure of a building. Among the offenders are: pigeons, sparrows, crows, swallows and gulls. Bird control looks slightly different than other pest control services. Services may include:

  • Bird/Nest Removal and Relocation
  • Feces Removal/Pressure Washing and Decontamination of Area
  • Bird Exclusion – bird netting installation
  • Bird Deterrent – installation of materials such as spikes, motion detection sensors and visual/auditory deterrent systems

Although we do not provide bird exterminations services, we do provide necessary interventions for bird control, such as air duct cleaning and property maintenance services. This is often the case, because certain pests such as fleas, mites and ticks will thrive among the bird nesting area. Rodent extermination may be a factor, especially if the birds had gained access into a building. Air ducts are often a source of contamination where the birds build their nests.

Bird Control