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  • Pick up all loose items from floor: Books, Shoes, and Clothes etc. This is in preparation for Exterminator when floor is to be treated.
  • Bag All loose Clothing from floor, closets and clothing Bed Bug Controlstorage area’s such as: Dressers Armoires etc. The reason for bagging all clothing is to either store the clothing for up to 7 days in a plastic bag to kill off what Bed Bugs could be in the clothing or systematically empty them into a dryer and run on High for 30 to 40 minutes to kill the Bed Bugs.
  • Please Note: After Bagging Clothing and picking Items up off the floor, the recommendation is to put them in the middle of the Kitchen Floor or open area such as Garage to keep out of way so that Exterminator and those helping at time of treatment have room to move around.
  • Clothes hanging in closets need to also be bagged; this is a recommendation for a complete and thorough treatment.
  • All furniture must be pulled away from walls so that the Exterminator can get to the Base Board and wall.
  • All Beds, Bed Frames and Head Boards must be accessible for treating. If Bed is infested; the recommendation is to destroy infested bed or have it covered by a Bed Bug cover (Mattress Cover). If the choice is to destroy the Bed, we ask that you cut Bed up before discarding so that no one will reuse the bed Thank you.
  • Mattress Covers can be supplied to customer at reasonable prices by your Pest Control Operator.