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Asian Cockroach



Adults are about 1/2-5/8 inches in length. They are light brown to tan except for 2 dark longitudinal stripes on the pronotal shield. These cockroaches are strong fliers when they do. These are difficult to identify because of their color patterns being so close to the German cockroach.

Nymphal instars 1-2 with thorax dark brown to black but having pale lateral margins. Meso- and metathorax pale or white centrally but with a continous dark stripe near each margin. The thorax and abdomen is a light brown ventrally. Later instars have 2 dark longitudinal stripes on pronotum continous with dark abdomen, and abdominal segments usually with central areas pale on dorsum.

The egg capsule is yellowish brown but usually two-toned. Its paler end is attached to the female and about 1/4-3/8 inches long. The length of the capsule is more than twice the width. Subdivisional furrows extend the enire width and the capsule is slightly bowed. Each capsule hold about 15-20 eggs on each side.



Asian cockroaches not only readily fly but are strong fliers, but capable of traveling more than 131 feet at a time. Adults will take flight when disturbed, even during the daytime. They are often transferred by having the habit of hitchhiking on campers and recreational vehicles coming from infested campgrounds.

Outdoors, they are typically found in shaded areas with thick grass or abundant litter. In damp areas wit heavy leaf litter populations can exceed 250,000/acre. Here they can be heard rustling through the ground litter, but one must look carefully to determine that it is the Asian cockroach moving because they blend into the surroundings. They are also found in shaded areas of gardens, pastures, citrus groves, etc.

At night they are attracted to lights, light reflected from pale surfaces, and windows. Here they land and attempt to invade structures through any opening. Once inside, they are attracted to TV screens, walls where lights shine, etc. As lights are turned on and off in the rooms throughout the house, these cockroaches will move to. People sometimes think they are being attacked because of this, when actually this is false, they are just following the lights.



The female carries her egg capsule until about 1-2 days before the young are ready to hatch. She then deposits it among ground cover and debris. The female will produce 5-6 capsules each caring about 38 eggs (this is an average). Development time usually averages around 65 days. Most females bring only 2 egg capsules to maturity due to the environmental stresses.



Blattella asahinai Mizukubo