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American Cockroach Pest Control

American Cockroach



Adults are about 1 3/8-2 1/8 inches long. There color variation is usually reddish brown except for a submarginal pale brown to yellowish band around edge of prenatal shield. Last segment of cercus at least 2 times longer than wide. Both sexes are fully winged with wings of the male extending beyond the tip of the abdomen whereas, female’s do not. These cockroaches are poor to moderately good fliers. The egg capsule dark reddish to blackish brown. It is about 3/8 inches long.



American cockroaches are found in residences, but are commonly found in large commercial buildings such as restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, etc. There they infest food-storage and food-preparation areas, basements, etc. During summer months, they can be fond outdoors in yards and alleys. It is the most common species found in the city sewer systems.

They can enter structures by being brought in, coming up from the sewer system via drains or occasional mass migration from other structures, dumps, etc., usually in the warmer weather. They show a likeness for fermenting foods.



The female deposits her egg capsule within a few hours or up to 4 days after it is formed. It is dropped or glued with a mouth secretion to a suitable surface, usually in a crack or crevice of high relative humidity near a food source. On the average, the female will produce about 9-10 egg capsules each containing 14-16 eggs.

Developmental time is greatly influenced by the temperature, varying from 167-787+ days. On the average is takes about 600 days under normal conditions. During this time, they will molt 10-13 times. Adult females live about 440 days with those days declining if the temperature reaches 84 degrees. Males will live about 200 days.



Periplaneta americana Linnaeus<